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NeuroStar Is an Advance

Way to Treat Depression

What is NeuroStar Advanced Therapy?

What is NeuroStar Advanced Therapy?

What to Expect

What to Expect

A Drug -free Depression Treatment That Works

A Drug -free Depression Treatment That Works

Depression Starts in the Brain

Depression Starts in the Brain

Does It Work?

Does It Work?

What is NeuroStar

Advanced Therapy (TMS)?

During a NeuroStar treatment session, a magnet similar in strength to that used in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine is used to stimulate nerve cells in the area of the brain thought to control mood. These magnetic pulses may have a positive effect on the brain’s neurotransmitter levels, making long-term remission possible.


Treatment with NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is easy:

  • Therapy sessions are conducted in your our office
  • You can return to normal activities right away
  • You are awake during treatment
  • There are no negative effects on memory or sleep


It’s covered by most health insurance plans, simply call our office to confirm we are contracted with your insurance plan. 


Proven Results:

The majority of people treated with NeuroStar TMS experience significant, long-lasting improvement. NeuroStar is proven and backed by the most clinical studies and the larges clinical data set for TMS in depression. NeuroStar is proven, safe and effective treatment. It delivers the right dose to the right location every time. 


Does it Work?


NeuroStar Stories


For people who have not found relief from antidepressants, NeuroStar is a safe and proven alternative treatment for depression with out the side effects of medication. Over 4.8 million NeuroStar Advanced TMS treatments have been performed in over 134,00 patients. 83% of patients completing NeuroStar treatment experiences measurable depression relief, and 62% experienced full remission of their depression symptoms.


Does it hurt?

Many patients experience side effects from their medication, increasing the chance that they will stop taking them The most common side effects for NeuroStar TMS reported during clinical trials were headache and scalp discomfort —generally mild to moderate—occurring less frequently after the first week of treatment.

Is it covered?

Most major insurances cover NeuroStar TMS

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